Best Free Code Editors

Online Editors

Visual Studio Code Online Editor
You can write code from anywhere using this free online code editor by Microsoft.

Online IDE - PHP Code Editor & Compiler
Write PHP code and test it immediately in the browser with this free online code editor and compiler powered by ACE code editor. Online PHP Editor & Compiler is an online editor and compiler for PHP and other programming languages.


Download & Install

Visual Studio Code Editor
Microsoft's code editor for a variety of programming languages like PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and many others.

VS Codium
A free and open-source code editor for programming in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. It is based on Visual Studio Code, but is more private and does not send your data to Microsoft.

Another open-source and free code editor option that is very popular in the programming community.

PHP Frameworks

The most popular PHP framework with lots of features and functions to help you build and customize complex apps. There are lots of packages to extend the framework. Great framework for beginners.

A lightweight, fast loading framework with both MVC and non-MVC design patterns. Includes built-in security tools. Known for solid performance.

A flexible and modular framework with 50+ reusable components. Uses the twig template system.

Laminas Project
An object-oriented, MVC framework with the capacity to handle enterprise demands. Best for experienced programmers.

Based on C programming language with great performance and low resource overhead. You don't need to know C to use, but it is best for experienced programmers.

One of the best MVC frameworks with a broad set of libraries. Has a set of coding guidelines you must follow.

One of the easiest frameworks to setup and has a lot of great extensions and security features.

Fast, simple and flexible framework. Supports HMVC and has robust security. It has a built-in caching system.

Microframework for simple, yet powerful web applications and APIs. Great for HTTP request apps and RESTful APIs.

Though not as good as the others, it is easy to learn and fast.

Fat-Free Framework 
A lightweight, modular framework that has optional plugins to extend it. Simple to setup and can be used to build robust web applications.

Best Cheap Web Hosting

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Free Online PHP Tools

PHP Code Checker
This online tool checks your PHP for syntax errors.

PHP Tester
Have a simple PHP script or concept to test? Use this online PHP tester to quickly see the result.

W3 PHP Tryit Editor
A free online editor and tester that lets you test simple PHP scripts and see the result.

Extends Class PHP Tester
Another testing tool where you can write and test out simple PHP scripts.

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